Our Rug Services

Rugport offers comprehensive rug care for your priceless rug or carpet. Call or email today to have us assess your rug.

Rug Cleaning

Keep your fine hand knotted rugs in peak condition by having Rugport clean them. With our state of the art cleaning techniques and air drying process, your rugs will look better than ever.

Rug Restoration

Rugport can restore your worn or damanged antique rugs and give you years more enjoyment with them. Whether it is reweaving holes, replacing tired fringes, or rewrapping raveled ends, we've got you covered.

Rug Customization

Explore the world of custom Oriental rugs-choose a pattern, size, and colors to fit your individual taste and our master weavers will have it ready for you in just a few short months. Create your own family heirlooms.

Rug Alterations

Are you stuck with a rug that is too large for a room? Have Rugport cut it down to size, serge the edges with matching wool. You will enjoy it again for decades to come.

Rug Dye Removal

Does your antique rug have colors bleeding from one area to another? Bring it to Rugport and our technicians will recreate the look of a new rug, then seal in the colors using special techniques to make sure they stay that way.

Rug Repair

Rugport has on staff skilled artisans in the art of repairing rugs. Whether in wool or silk, we can stabilize frail rugs, close up holes and tears almost invisibly, and reweave reveled ends.

Stain Removal

Even if you have spilled Kool-Aid, juice, coffee or red wine, Rugport prides itself on removing the toughest stains.You'll never even know they were there.

Rug Installations

Make a statement and a stunning focal point with a custom stair runner. We can cover the trickiest steps with the help of a custom template and our master installers.

Sun Fading

Remember, the sun can fade anything over time. Let Rugport bring the lighter areas on your rugs to their original brilliance and keep your valuable rugs in tip top condition.

Rug Appraisal

We offer rug appraisals for either your insurance or inheritance needs. Contact us today to get an accurate quote on your priceless rug.

Stain Protection

Rugport can apply nano-technology to protect your rug against wine, coffee, pet stains, and any other persistent staining substances.